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How can get my next oder of herbal Therapy?

the herbs are always for your individual are adjusted. we therefore make recipes in substantiated cases, please always contact with your TCM doctor first.

Can be available in Switzerland chinese herbs?

yes. there is Complemedis AG and Dr. Noyer Apotheken can according to the formulation, productes the herbal mixture to a Serum (tincture) or a resin together and directly send you by post

Does it from my doctor prescribed medicines with chinese medicines goes together?

it is extremely important that the physician prescribed medications continue to take. it may be that some drugs in the course of the TCM treatments to reduce or even discontinuation. this must be checked carefully by the doctor, but can never to begin the treatment be determined. please mention in the first survey, all the medications you are taking.

Are there some risks and side effects ?

the acupuncture should be done by well trained and experienced doctor and used in comparison with other therapies, adverse experience and low risk. it is after the treatment some fatigue, and it also happens that the symptoms initially increase before they disappear. both are consequences of the intervention in the energy flow. at the injection site can, under certain circumstances, to little bruising, which experienced doctor after removal of needles by massage of the authorities concerned to reduce. in phytotherapy, it is uncommon to nausea. the application of the cupping leaves round, red or blue spots, which after a few days will subside.

Does acupuncture make a pain?

the acupuncture needles are very fine and a special alloy materials. often the application not to feel more often than down. if the TCM doctor stimulates the needles, it can have a reaction in the form of a zerrens, a pressure or a vibration, which, under certain circumstances, the energy pathways along the meridians, radiate. this reaction, called Qi is the therapeutic point of view is desirable.

What are the advantages of TCM?

TCM is focus on not the symptoms but the root of the disease to treat. in addition, the TCM emphasis on prevention, with the aim to maintain their health. in this regard, it is important that you consult the TCM practice at an early stage. another advantage of TCM is that the TCM treatments, with a bits of side effects, but not happened on each.

What diseases can the TCM treat or cure?

most of the diseases due to functional disorders are caused, can be very good treated with TCM treatments.

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