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At Praxis TCM-MA  in Zurich City, we take care of your issues through methods by Chinese medicine/acupuncture with our over 30 years of clinical Experience 

We are pleased to a company with you in our Praxis in city Zurich, followed by experienced Mr. Bin. MA , who has achieved Dr.med. Degree in 2005 at University Juntendo, Tokyo, Japan, is willing to deliver you his Competence and something more about his idea on Healthy Care. Through TCM treatment by Tui-Na massage, cupping, acupuncture, herbal therapy, and Ear-/Head-/abdominal acupuncture, etc. could strengthen the body’s vital energy (restoring the normal dynamic balance of yin and yang), so that heal the symptoms. As well Known on TCM is also an ideal complement to Western medicine, which was confirmed by WHO and by many people are convinced, that TCM treatment could not only heal diseases but also in the meanwhile activates internal organs (kidney, liver, heart …) improve metabolism and immune system, so that regain our health again.

Meet our Team

Our Services that you can trust : unserer ausgewiesenen fachlichen und klinischen Kompetenz der chinesischen Medizinischen Behandlungen

TCM-Specialist Mr. Bin Ma

Mr.Bin Ma has well undergone training, assessment by more than 35 Years clinical Experiences from in China, Japan, and Switzerland , achieved Bechalor and Master Degrees in China and Dr. med. Degree at University Juntendo in Tokyo, Japan

Naturopath-TCM Ms. Grace Luo

Ms. Grace Luo received an additional degree for Nutrition consultant ,with could be well combined with her professional TCM-practical, is officially recognized by health insurance companies with ZSR-Nr.Y836963, speaks German, English, Chinese


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