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about 400 important herbals are  in switzerland by Herbals company available,  and  they are for identity, purity and quality guarantee on  mainly be used herbs, leaves, flowers, roots, bark, rarely, mineral or animal substances (e.g. certain shells). on biodiversity will be strictly respected. the herbs are a combination (2 to 15 mixtures ) as a “recipe” prescribed by a doctor and scoured (decoction) taken as usual are, however, other like granules (instantpulver), tablets and capsules as well.
Taking the herbals you receive for your needs, instructions that follow. the granules should be dissolved in hot water and, as far as possible, be took to, for example, some honey and orange juice because of the bitter taste to be added.
In addition to acute infections are the herbs especially good in allergies, skin diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, darmentzündungen, gastritis, hepatitis, regelstörungen.

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