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TCM  Prevention

so-called Chinese preventive medicine is refers in the TCM basic theory, using a variety of methods  to prevent disease occurrence, development, spread or recurrence of a discipline, is the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine an important part.

Ancient physicians to prevent disease called “cure is not ill”, is not only reflected in the body before the disease should take various measures to actively prevent, also reflected in the case of illness, still should use various methods to prevent the development of the disease, degeneration or recurrence. In these diseases has occurred, such as chronic cough, frostbite and other disease easily in autumn and winter attack and in the summer to take preventive treatment. This not only lead to disease and disease prevention prevention thought and method of hair, but the Chinese medicine to prevent school district don’t in other preventive medicine is the key, is advantage of preventive medicine of TCM and specialty.

In the long-term medical practice, the traditional Chinese medicine is fully aware of the importance of preventing the disease from doing well. The ancients cloud: “doctor, often without treatment of the disease, so no disease; the saints often rule without suffering suffering, so there is no risk”;

Ancient physicians in practice not only accumulated the rich experience in the treatment, and attaches great importance to prevention before disease or prevention, summed up many effective still guide clinical prevention methods.

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