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TCM Theory
Traditional chinese medicine , its origin can be traced back to remote antiquity. In a long courese of struggling against duseases, TCM evolved into a unique and intergrated theoretical system of TCM. It is an important part of Chinese culture. It came out 3000 Years ago, Huangdi´s Classic on Medicine (Huang Di Nei Jing), which is the earliest medical classic extant in China. The book gives a complete and systematic exposition to the following various subjects:the relationship between man and nature, the physiology and pathology of the human body, and diagnosis,treatment and prevention of dieseases. It also uses the theories of yin-yang and the five element to deal fully with the principles of treatment by differentiation of syndromes according to the climatic and seasonal conditions, geographical localities and individual constitution. It is giving expression to the holistic concept of taking the human body as an organic whole and taking the human body with the surrounding enviroment as the integrity. It laaid a preliminary foundation for the thoeretical formationof TCM.  After another Classic on  Medical Problem (Nan Jing), was given birth to the world before the Easten Han Dynasty. The book deals mainly with the basic theory of TCM, such as physiology , pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and so on. It supplemented what Huangdi´s Classic on Medicine lacked. From then on , many medical  schools and various classics on medicine were brought into being in succession, each having its own strong points.

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